Playhouse Membership Benefits

Exclusive Training

We are continuously adding new classes, mini-lessons, and other forms of theatrical training. Currently we have a certified master acting teacher, improv classes, special effects makeup, lighting & set design technicians, and an expert costumer all developing upcoming courses.

Fellow Theatre Geeks

Join and you'll never be lonely! We're a wonderful and eclectic collection of theatre geeks and we are always looking for new people who love live performances, storytelling, acting, makeup, lighting, set design, and all things theatre!

Monthly Activities

As Playhouse settles into our new home, we'll be adding lots more monthly activities for Members Only.

Open House…

Like our open house on October 1st! Come out and bring a friend and you'll have a chance to learn about how to apply Halloween Monster Makeup, play some improv games, enjoy some refreshments, and get to know more theatre geeks!


How Do I Join…

Come to the Meetings

Meetings are the last Tuesday of every month and they feature a variety of activities, training, and networking with other like minded theatre folks

We meet in our new building located at 502 South Anderson Street in Tullahoma.

You don't have to know anything about theatre to join, either. Just a volunteer spirit, a love of live performance, and a willingness to be a part of the positive change Community Playhouse is working toward.

Pay Your Membership Dues

Dues are paid annually and vary in the amount as listed below:

    • Standard Individual Membership = $20.00…


    • Standard Family Membership = $35.00…


    • Professional Membership = $50.00…


    • Sponsors Membesrhip = Please Contact Grant Patterson…

Stay Involved

There's an awful lot happening with Playhouse these days, so don't be a stranger! Come back to our webpage often to get updates, come to all the monthly meetings to learn how you can be involved. And reach out to us with your volunteer skills!

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